Friday, 5 July 2013

A Little Bit of History...

Lauren and I have been a busy super duo over the past 2 months getting our studio+retail space spiffied-up.  Check out some of our proccess photos below:
The mapping out of our shiny new space.

Our counter bases built (by the amazing Hunter+Mackenzie duo) and waiting to be painted.

Concoctions for staining our counter tops (steel wool+vinegar and black tea).

Our stain samples with steel wool+tea

Accidentally dressing to match as per usual. 

Ready for the goods!

The shop dog (Bear) done for the day. 

Our sweet $1 Open/Closed sign we painted (yes that's florescent orange wood grain!)

Using our print table after installing our felt. 
(I love our peg board the most of everything in our new space)

Best Iron+Best Holder= A dream come true!

The sink we built 
(1 month of use and it is nowhere near this shiny anymore!)

Important tools of my trade. 

Keepin' time in style.

Our most recent project...It took us so long to paint it but we're so happy with the result! 
Next on the list is the hallway :)

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

New Prints for Freshly Printed!

Check out Jen's new tea towel print for Freshly Printed, just in time for summer and our opening celebrations! Because Jen and I share so many aesthetic inspirations it is no surprise that I pretty much adore all the prints she comes up with, but this may have to officially be my favourite!

Jen first made this print for a class we were in together at OCAD. Since then, and like so many of the things we did for school, it has been sitting in a box somewhat forgotten about. That is until about half a year ago when Jen found it and used it to make a couple of dreamy bags, and now tea towels!

 Its got a sweet graphic vibe and a retro summery feel which is exactly what my kitchen needs right now- can't wait to take one home :)

Monday, 24 June 2013

We're Open!

It is official: Freshly Printed Studio is open! Freshly Printed, Jen and I (Lauren) now have a bricks and mortar location, complete with a studio space and retail shop to call home. The two of us have been in talks of having a studio together since the early days of our friendship and couldn’t be happier that it is now a reality.

With both of us finding inspiration in our local flora and fauna, notions of home and comfort and Canadiana, and exploring themes of functionality and nostalgia in our work it has always seemed like an obvious choice for us to collaborate. Here at Freshly Printed Studio Jen will be running her company Freshly Printed, a line of home textiles that the two of us started during our last year in school, and that Jen has been running and designing for solo since 2011 (Check out Freshly Printed’s website and online store by following the link on the right). Meanwhile I will be working on my own creative endeavors that have yet to be named…or really defined into any specific form…but will be soon…I hope! What is certain however is that those common themes and inspirations will remain constant and act as the foundation for everything we do here at Freshly Printed Studio.

While we will both be running separate websites for our independent companies, this site will act as a place for us to fill you all in on our collaborations, and ongoing projects and events of Freshly Printed Studio as a whole. In the past couple of months setting up the store we have built our first ever table (which took about six tries), obsessed over creating the perfect in studio kitchen (questionable priorities on our part) and built a custom sink in an attempt to turn a space with no water into a print studio…which requires a lot of water (or so we thought!). We have been designing new prints and products and have been meeting all kinds of other crafts people and artists. Both of us like to learn through doing, which results in a lot of trial and error and its fair share of humour, but we both love a good laugh so get excited because we will be sharing it all here!